Substratum Botanical Perfume

A symphony of forest notes combine with roots, resins and red flower and gem essences in a red-hued botanical base to ground energies firmly and deeply and protect chi. Relates to the base chakra as well as the organs, systems and glands that specific chakra reigns over.

Beautifully packaged in a 10 ml Miron violet glass roll on.

Out of stock.





Essential oils of patchouli, vetivert, jatamansi, amber, pine, cypress, hemlock, siberian and alpine firs, juniper, flower essences of eucalyptus, Torch ginger and pinon colorado, gem essence of ruby & LAM bija mantra infused in a base of concentrated lipid extracts of camu camu berry and handpounded artisanal coconut oil.
Anoint chakras and related marma points.

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