"Yoga of shamanism" and "Birthing into higher brilliance" retreats both were beautiful and nourishing on all levels. I especially treasure the time on the beautiful island Intika, surrounded by the mother of all lakes, lago Titicaca. The intense and crystal clear Prana which flows so abundantly there is a very special treat to imbibe in. It surely is of the most beautiful wild places on earth! I am so grateful for Aubrey and Dionisio, and for what they have created to share with everyone so generously. What they teach comes from the experience of living it, and is transmitted directly heart to heart. This ancient way of experiential learning through the heart is an invaluable experience in the age of google and sound bytes. I have been on several retreats with them in Peru, at their home base and around the country, and this time I also dove deeper into myself through the work of a traditional "dieta". These excursions are reminders of, and bring me closer to, my true nature and I return to my daily life with more and more refined resources to create and re-align my life to its most optimal and harmonious state of existence. The retreats that Aubrey and Dionisio offer have been integral building blocks in the process of designing my own life in accordance with divine intention. The fact that I can trust them completely enables me to focus on my own evolution in an easy, relaxed way. I feel completely supported in my efforts, yet there is a sense of spaciousness for my own creativity and needs. I am already signed up for the next adventure: Aya playa in Costa Rica!
Sabine G. NY
Hola from Bangkok, we have been thinking of you as we put your travel pack of oils & hydrosols to use with noticeable good results. I am a fanatically light packer for extended travel but will keep these with us. Thank you! Solstice love & light.
Candy B, FL
Dear Aubrey & Dionisio, Thank you so much for the space you held for such a deep healing and letting go to occur. It feels like a profound opening to allowing so much more abundance and love and many more things into my life. I am grateful for your strength and courage in walking your path and for your help in walking mine. Much love and gratitude,
Karen T, Ontario, Canada
Aubrey and Dionisio, I have been trying to put into words the experience I had at the Aya Apprenticeship program i attended. It is hard to explain because of the extremely personal and deep affect it has had and continues to have on me. I never realized the depth to which I could look within my self and by doing so opened up a whole new universal world. The simple idea that the reality that we are living in is man made and can be taken away from us at any moment was a big realization and turns out is not a real reality for me anymore. The inner and outer body experiences and different higher states of consciousness that I temporally existed in has augmented the way I think and perceive this reality. The theoretical ideas I had read about in Buddhist text and have studied and heard through documentaries have transformed from ideas to become true, meaningful and practical ways of life, attainable through practice and hard work. The lessons and experiences touched me on a whole new level like they have been imprinted on my soul, the universal interwoven fabric of my true existence that connects us all together and thus becomes an eternal part of us. It is these experiences and this way of being that takes what we are doing on this earth to a whole new level and way of living. To say that this has changed my life is a bit of an understatement, I believe it has altered my immortal path in its true direction. This was not an easy month and this program is not a magic pill, it required extensive personal work and sacrifice during and especially after. It challenges you to look at yourself from such a pure state of consciousness and deal with all of your shit… physical, emotional, mental and spiritual baggage which can and did have a profound affect. It is not for everyone but i will say that if your seeking a deeper meaning to life and are ready to surrender to the program this will be the greatest month of your life and will have a permanent imprint on your soul. I believe all facets of the program the Yoga, Diet, Meditation, Ayahuasca and Pacha Karma work in conjunction with one another into a seamless experience that all leads to the same path and are all necessary for true transformation. i feel a much bigger world around me, a world that isn't seen through the eyes but felt through the heart. There is so much more to life than i had previously realized! Thanks you both from every once of my being Love always,
Scott P. Akron, OH
Beautiful people, beautiful new friends, beautiful yoga-meditation-raw food-elixirs, beautiful plant medicines & ceremonies, beautiful Amazonia, beautiful I'm headed home and can't wait! I've learned incredible lessons here. Aubrey your retreat was sublime and I'm still swimming in its deliciousness! Gracias hermana and thrilled to return with a box of Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals goodies, including a personalized Agua Florida :). Peru, I love you and I'll be back again with my boys! Love,
Alice, I. San Francisco, CA
Unwinding, unlocking, unfolding. I have gained new understandings of breathing, digesting and creating space. Thank you Aubrey and Dionisio for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, your experiences and stories and your home and your lives with me. The time and space has been nothing short of magical for me. Wherever my path takes me, Yacumaman and all her lessons will continue to process through me. Aubrey, I feel so great about using the products you create, especially after feeling the love, passion and focused awareness you put into them. The way you speak about plants, your excitement for the creation process and your relationship with Nature make me realize I am not just connecting with a particular plant that I am using, but also with a beautiful translator. And thank you for the yoga instruction! Dionisio, I have changed my mind. I am more scared of you than Aubrey! Your stories are truly captivating… captivating. I have to remind myself to breathe and not to get lost in your vast world of experience, but also to be sure to pick up on the lessons. Thank you for all your humor and your seriousness and for all your exploration. It has been a great honor to listen to you and to be heard by you. And thank you for all the reminders to breathe! Wow, what a two weeks! Amazing animals, food, plants, people, place and experience. Words don’t quite do the trick but hopefully, they catch a glimpse of what I’m able to graspe right now. THANK YOU!!
Anthony A. Seattle, WA
Aubrey, Thank you so much for everything. I am home integrating back into my daily life, still trying to take every jewel received during my trip (to absorb, take what's useful, digest, let go ;)).....your products are incredible. Warren has been monopolizing the Holy Cacao/Coca and he gives my perfume a huge thumbs up. I haven't even had a need for the Sleep Aid yet because I've been sleeping so deeply since I've returned, but I did have a taste last night and it was delicious. I can't begin to tell you how beautiful it was to be inspired by you, to connect and to bond with you. In many ways I feel you like a sister to me, woven on the same piece of cloth - and it gives me joy to know that I will be able to continue to watch as your (and our) journeys unfold in the years to come. In a way, I wish that we could rent one of your houses there and move to Amazonia too! Oh, like a dream! I will have to come and visit you again (next time though, I may have to bring the boys along too....) - I feel so invigorated to even know that I have a friendship with someone as beautiful as you.... Your retreat was beyond what I can describe in words. I'm full to the brim of things I want to say, yet still trying to process it into words. Thank you, and thank you again and again. Please send my love to Dioni! Muah,
Alice, I. San Francisco, CA
Aubrey, Dionisio and Taita Cesar led us on a powerful journey of transformation in the Sacred Valley. Together, we deepened our connection to the Land, the elements, one another, ourselves and to Spirit. We had the extraordinary opportunity to share ritual at many sacred sites, which cleansed and attuned us to the land, setting the stage for an indescribably magical day of solstice ceremony and celebration at Machu Picchu. To all those who feel a call to go deeper and a draw to the mountains, plants, rivers and spirits of Peru, make the journey. You couldn't ask for truer guides! Thank you!
Suzanne R. Portland, OR
To the fantastic duo! I feel so trite attempting to express the depth and girth of gratitude I have for the both of you but I'm going to try… Thank you for walking your paths with such integrity and strength and for your service in guiding others (myself included) into areas within and without ourselves that we wouldn't be able to navigate or even know without your help, your experience and your courage. My gratitude for the opportunity to work with you both unfolds more each days I begin to see more and more parts of myself that are beyond me. Your patience, perseverance and vigilance with yourselves and others is a profound and exemplary teacher for me as I continue putting one foot in front of the other on this path of self cultivation. You are both individually remarkable and even more so in how you come together to create a magnificent space for this work on so many levels! Thank you for your insights and also for your openness. My heart and mind are full of thanks for the experiences I have shared in your company and for all those that await. A small gift is enclosed that encapsulates the sentiments I am unable to express with words. Thank you for the unification you are bringing together in your own lives and for inspiring that in the world in which you reside.
Amanda B. Salt Lake City, UT
I am about 2 weeks into my AYA Apprenticeship retreat. I couldn't have imagined what this time could do for me. I am pushing my limits mentally, physically, emotionally and especially spiritually. It is breaking down all my previously conceived notions about our realities of this life and the world we live in. I have seen and felt things beyond this world and dimension. I have felt the energizing of my energetic body and briefly tapped into the source. Beyond words! It has been extremely difficult but all the work is worth it. I am really starting to understand Self and the ego is becoming less and less apparent. On an Ayurvedic level we are learning about our doshas and how our body is made up beyond western medical beliefs. it is making a lot of sense to me and I am finding a tremendous amount of empowerment from the classes. We are also learning to distill essential oils and hydrosols from Amazonian plants for medicinal purposes. Making medicinal chocolates and we are also learning to sprout food, ferment food and make food medicine for our bodies! In the next week starts the Pancha Karma part of the program where we go through a rigorous full body detoxification. I will still be participating with Ayahuasca and further developing and exploring my spiritual being. It is amazing to be taught and witness first hand through experience how the mind, body and soul are connected and act and react to one another. It has given me the glimpse I needed to weave these practices into my everyday life and truly live life! An awakening is happening and I am loving every minute of it!
Scott P. Akron, OH
Dearest Aubrey and Dionisio, I wish to offer my gratitude for the time, energy, and practical tools you both have shared and for teaching me subtle lessons that continue to reveal themselves by measures now that we are physically apart. I look forward to keeping in touch. With Love,
Zanne R. Portland, OR
Aubrey ~ May the sun bring you new energy every day. May the moon softly restore you by night. May the rain wash away your worries. May the breeze blow much strength into your being. May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life. I am lucky to have met you. You are truly an incredible woman. I would say, you are a magical person. I learn quietly from you, observing who you are. You have awakened something in me that I was missing and I want to really thank you for that. I admire your being, your life and your relationship. You have touched my heart deeply and I will always remember you hermana. Vaya con Dios amiga,
Carolina U. Munich, Germany
My time with Aubrey and Dionisio was truly transformative in the most positive way. They were excellent guides on our journey through Peru as well as in our sacred journey through ayahuasca. I look forward to sharing space with them in the near future.
Matt M. Sonoma, CA
My time at Yacumama was exactly what my mind and body needed. It is a beautiful sanctuary where you are free to lay languidly and empty your mind. Aubrey's deep wisdom, knowledge of the plants and yogic lifestyle were an inspiration. Her meals were delicious and nourishing. Dionisio practices a sort of Zen Shamanism allowing for direct communication with Ayahuasca. I loved his stories, which he shared with honesty and humor. Together they created a retreat, which encouraged deep introspection and a flowering of inner confidence.
Guillerma M. NYC, NY
It’s quite a challenge to simply express my experience at Yacumaman. Prior to my arrival and throughout the retreat, Aubrey’s generous warmth was felt. She guides you through this weeklong journey giving you as much or as little as you need. No two days were the same, yet each day was beautifully planned to include delicious local plates and a mixture of yoga, cleansing, jungle excursions and much needed rest. The retreat serves as a true immersion integrating nature, sharing and solitude. Day by day, a layer of my city life was shed in the maloca, a sacred space surrounded by leaves, floral colors and a spectacular mountain view. I entered the maloca and found meditation, movement, rest and the healing powers of plants. The experience was light, quite insightful and humorous, especially when Dionisio shared his rich life experiences. Aubrey’s humble expertise provided guidance on nutrition, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, flower essences, yoga, breathing practices and more. I write this as I sit on my bed next to a hammock, looking through treetops to a small mountain range and listening to animal sounds of sorts. I have been reacquainted with the stillness inside and my own smile. With much respect and gratitude, I bow my head to Aubrey and Dionisio’s generous hearts.
Theresa B. NYC, NY
My experience during AYA Yoga was unbelievable. Aubrey and Dionisio are not only amazing people with much love but also the best guides I could have had. They created a perfect environment for the entire group throughout the entire retreat. The teachings, practice and sharings between the guides and the group were really amazing. I leave with much love, appreciation, and really deeply touched by this experience. I am grateful to have been able to be here. I learned from Aubrey, Dionisio and all the unity from the group. I leave grounded, at peace, happy and very tranquil. These days have really changed my life. Thank you so much!
Carolina U. Munich, Germany
Aubrey and Dionisio have created a little piece of Heaven on Earth at Yacumaman. This magical couple live their love of being in harmony with the world they inhabit and graciously open their hearts and home to share their experiential knowledge with others. Together they integrate the world of yoga, meditation, healing Ayurvedic body therapy and food that will enliven your entire being with the mystical world of Amazonian plant medicine. The experience is incomparable to anything being offered and simply put... will change the way you see and interact with the world. I am rested, rejuvenated and inspired! Thank you a thousand times. I look forward to sharing in another retreat soon!
Anonymous client
It was a pleasant moment looking at the pictures of our March retreat on your latest offering. It was one of, if not the most, memorable experiences of my lifetime. Several months before I came I journaled my reasons and desires for coming - both were fulfilled. An intense need to soften my heart and to overcome my fear of death. The first will always be a work in progress, the second has been resolved. I feel like shaking people and saying, "let me tell you what she showed me." Thank you both.
Michael B. MA
To one of the most enriching and empowering mind provoking weeks of my life. May our pineals align in the near future. Lots of love,
Thoryn S. Los Angeles, CA
I am very thankful for my experience at Yacumaman. Dionisio and Aubrey have put together an amazing retreat filled with beautiful sessions and amazing food. They space they hold is clear and inviting and I look forward to working with them often in the future. I have yet to meet anyone in this field with the integrity that both of them hold and it comes through in their medicine and the land on which they live. Mahalo,
Kumara P. Sebastopol, CA
I’ve attended 2 AYA Yoga retreats and I have nothing but good things to say. The lodging is gorgeous. The meals are prepared with careful thought and love. The yoga is in-depth. Out of all the ceremonies I’ve participated in, in the past, these have been the most profound for me. Highly recommended,
Marlon B. Honolulu, HI
I wish I could express with words how grateful I am for the experience I had with you and Dionisio and our group at Yacumaman but words seem to fall short. :) Spending time with you there in Tarapoto, being in the world you and Dionisio have created was the perfect corner stone for the rest of my adventure in Peru.
Anonymous client
Dionisio and Aubrey It feels like a lifetime ago since we were last together. I spent a lot of time reflecting about my experiences with you both and with the Mother during the week in March that was our 'anniversary'. Words still seem inadequate to describe how much spending time with you has meant to me. There are times when I hear 'Her' calling to me, close my eyes and feel like I am back in Peru like it was yesterday and other times it feels like it was indeed an experience from another lifetime. The pull to work further with you and the Mother is still so very strong. I look forward with much anticipation to when we will meet again. MUCH love and light,
Ginny L. NJ
Dear Dionisio and Aubrey, I'm siting on my deck on a very nice, warm and sunny day. I just called out of work, so that I could properly observe this day. Today is my own personal Thanksgiving day. No matter where my life takes me from here, I intend to set March 20th aside as a very special day for me from now on. Exactly one year ago, Ginny and I woke up in our bungalow in the stunningly beautiful setting of Cordillero Escalera. Later that night we drank the wonderful medicine for the first time ever. March, 20th 2011 was the first day in a week that changed my life forever in a most positive way. I grew more, spiritually, in that week than any other time in my life and I have the two of you to thank for that. The thing that I am maybe the happiest about is that I have not lost much in the way of the gifts that I gained from that week. Both Ginny and I have reflected on the fact that we made such a great choice in choosing the two of you as our facilitators for our first Aya experience. Your compassion, caring, and gentile guidance were and are still abundant. I don't think the whole experience would have been as good with someone else as facilitator. So again, thank you to you both from the bottom of my soul. Much Love,
Don S. NJ
Dear Aubrey and Dionisio~ Thank you for guiding me so elegantly in my process of learning to cultivate my inner garden. The energy, example, guidance and nourishment you have shared created the conditions for me to dive into the work that I have hovered on the edge of for so long. I feel more centered, more essential, more awed and inspired, humble and grateful than ever before. You both pushed me to my edge firmly and with love, and there I began to glimpse and taste cosmic cyclical connection to Divine Source. The synergistic combination of Ayahuasca, yoga, Ayurveda and meditation practice has deepened my connection to prana, sacred breath and I am beginning to feel nourished in ways I did not know were possible. Daily practice is gradually allowing me to integrate the profound experiences of my ayahuasca sessions and to create space and fertile soil for the flowering of inner confidence. The refinement process is gradual and ongoing, sometimes painful, sometimes bliss, but always worthwhile. The blossoming of trust slowly dissolves doubt and fear. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your work, your land and your hearts and for holding space with such integrity. It is an honor and a joy to be here, to work and to play with you and to call you my teachers and my friends. With infinite love and gratitude,
Suzanne R. Portland, OR
I find it hard to find the words to express how restored and rested I now feel and how grateful I am for the help and support you both gave me but I know you are aware of how I feel, so words are probably not necessary!! THANK YOU BOTH. With gratitude and love,
Janina G. London, UK
My experience with Aubrey, Dionisio and Qori Inti was nothing short of magical from beginning to end. My praise is vast! In a chance mentioning of a sudden interest in exploring Ayahuasca, Aubrey's brother pointed me towards her. Our friendship was immediate, and she instantaneously put me ease with all travel arrangements and activities. Aubrey is warm and giving. Her knowledge of Peru and all things herbs, Ayurvedic, yoga, stone and spirit are unparalleled and fascinating. Her combination of strength, clarity, and interest in everything make her a magnificent travel guide. Aubrey's husband Dionisio compliments her grace with his wit. He is clever, charming, and wise! He was Exactly who I would choose to lead me on my first Ayahuasca journey. Dionisio embodies the shaman spirit in a relatable, universal, lighthearted way. The trip itself was memorable in many ways, and far exceeded my expectations (not to mention- was entirely reasonably priced!) I enjoyed the convenience of a well-rounded journey without the hassle of planning a single thing. Treasures were in abundance; in all shapes and forms, every step of the way! Both Aubrey and Dionisio are clearly committed to sharing their knowledge, enthusiasm, and respect for the cultures of Peru. My trip would not have been the same without their excellent guidance and I will continue to recommend them to seekers of a truly enchanting Peruvian experience. Sincerely and sprightly ~
Saree R. Boulder, CO
Aubrey and Dionisio, I just wanted to thank you both for such a wonderful experience. I return home from your retreat feeling grounded, lighter in my body, and with cleaner channels truly connecting to higher vibrations. Hurrah! Aubrey, your Amazonian Apothecary, your integrity, your passion for your craft, the planet and your life make quite a combo lady! Beautiful and inspirational to be around. And I am inspired! To move and nourish my body, to trust and listen. Dioni, thank you again for sharing your words of wisdom. I'm so thrilled to have connected with your high vibes in magic Peru! Hasta pronto!
Emily S. Lima, Peru
When I saw the solstice 2012 retreat being offered, I knew this was meant for me and jumped on board, and I’m not a person that joins group excursions, as I’m comfortable with solo trips. First, it was the correspondence I had with Aubrey via Facebook then email about her botanical products. It was clear she and her husband are dedicated to bringing the knowledge of the Amazon to the public. This intrigued and excited me at the same time, and I can say they delivered. Both are highly knowledgeable and experienced with botanical medicine and spiritual development. As I had a profound breakthrough in my spiritual development with the Solstice 2012 retreat. I’m thrilled to have found them and will continue to study herbal and shamanic healing with them in the future.
Anne Marie R. Boston, MA
Aubrey & Dionisio are facilitators of the journey into the Self. They will help you enter the space where your inner truth resides. I feel totally supported and at ease in their presence. Their integrity and dedication to their work is unquestionable. The experiences they guide you through are cleansing on all levels: body, mind, and soul. These retreats leave me feeling nourished and whole. There's great delicious food and really nice warm people all in a beautifully peaceful environment. I have been on two retreats so far, one at their home base in lovely Tarapoto, and most recently I traveled with them to sacred Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu. Both have been positively transformational and I learned a lot about myself. I highly recommend their retreats to anyone looking for learning, self-exploration, or healing on a deeper level.
Vincent G. NYC, NY